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Abby Santos

Kuulei, Thank you so much for helping to keep the Salt Pond Beach Park clean! You uncovered a lot of infomation about the Humane Society and the policies they have. The Humane Society is funded by the county. Some of the money is used to spay and neuter cats. There is no limit on how many cats an individual can bring in and then release into the cat colonies that are all over our communities. There is a law that cats captured in county and state parks are illegal! The owners are supposed to be fined $500 per cat. However, the Humane Society is ignoring the law and allowing the cats to be released into county parks! We also discovered that the humane society will not give dogs to people they think are hunters. It is very odd that it is okay to give cats to people who really don't take care of them in their own homes, but they won't give dogs to hunters or others they decide are unfit owners. It is extremely arbitrary. And we fund it with our tax dollars!!! Anyway, Kuulei, thank you for your perseverance!

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