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sally french

I would love to see an explanation sign..I feel that families would be happy to respect your needs for the salt, if they knew. I know how hard it is to get signage or any action from "our gov" ...but keep putting the word out...I for one will never drive any further again. ...so you got to one, thankyou, sally


Sally - thank you!! It is extremely hard to get a sign placed on gov property but thank you!


Keep protecting!

George Cattermole


George - Thank you!!


such a hypocrite, i have seen u drive your vehicle on the same sand dune.


You are right but since our kapuna brought it to my attention I have not. I listened to what they said, respected it and I am trying to fix the situation.


Mahalos for this post and I hope that in the future, there will be some changes to that area. Unfortunately bickering between "old" and "new" has prevented that from happening. Recently, meetings have been held to address this and many other issues but seeing as how the state only recognizes the original Hui formed in the 1960's...change seems far away. Of the original Hui, I believe only four board members remain and their last documented meeting took place sometime in 1970. The "new" Hui, descendants of the originators are attempting to be recognized by the state, but without the disformation of the "old", that cannot happen. Some feel there is nothing wrong with the area as it stands now, but that is a small minority compared to the masses that seek preservation in a more pristine state. The bickering needs to stop before it's too late to save this most precious resource.

preserve culture

Ku'uleialoha, you seem to want to protect, perpetuate, and preserve culture therefore I suggest that you learn the culture first. Learning the language would be a good thing to learn too...fyi. For example, here's lesson 1- "since our kapuna brought it to my attention". Did you learn from your kapuna or your spoon? Hmmmm. Maybe you meant kupuna or elder? The rest of us learn from our kupuna. Stop and think before you act foolishly.


Aloha mai kaua e Ku'uleialoha,
'o ka mea mua, mahalo nui ia 'oe i kau ho'onui 'ike. First and foremost, mahalo for seeking to increase your knowledge by becoming aware of what's going on in your community. Far to often our community members forget, NA KAKOU KE KULEANA o KA MALAMA 'AINA!! It's OUR kuleana to care for this 'aina.
E ho'omau 'oe i kou 'olelo 'ana i ka 'olelo o keia 'aina. And contiune with speaking the language of this 'aina!!

na'u no me ka 'oia'i'o,
na Ka'ililauokekoa


preserve culture...

what exactly are u doing thats preserving culture...just to let you kno...u dont need to learn everything to preserve one part of it....i dont see you doing anything about it....heres a lesson for you...you spelt kūpuna wrong...its with a kahakou! so maybe u should just HĀMAU and let her do what she does best and LOVES doing it!!!!! which is PRESERVING PROTECTING AND PERPETUATING A PART OF THE HAWAIIAN CULTURE!....by the way....my entire family was taught to take care of the land and that is EXACTLY what she is doing....so exactly what are you doing?...

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