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Piilani K

STATE!!!!!why talk to the county when you can talk to the STATE!!who cares anymore about the hui...they not strong enough to win a battle against you! obviously they are blind to the fact that the salt patch needs protection so why go out of your way to satisfy their needs and bicker at you to get you distracted from what is important!! ignore them they just a bunch of people that are like in high school and think they can boss people around just because they made this special club....its your turn to be the one and not follow their bitterness before its to late....

Dwane Zelinsky

I hope that you find a solution to your problems, especially the damaged drainage system and problematic water lines at the park. Maybe you should start on what's easiest to solve. That way, you can still think of plans how to solve the other, more difficult problem. Ask the other people in your area to help you get some ideas.

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