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Marlee Duarte

Kuulei, I love your post. I always enjoy reading your post and I can definitely feel your passion. I especially like “no matter how crazy my family can be some times - they are they year after year. Working hard, showing their support and love for the culture. It takes a great team of people to work hard year after year”, love it! I am so sorry to hear about the small ha, that’s sad :-(

Marlee Duarte

*I'm sorry to hear about the small and late harvest of Pa'akai :-(

Piilani K

i really liked this post mom....but u forgot to mention that me and waileia also go to papas house and im the one who gets soaked with the water hose because im the one scrubbin the tables and chairs with the ajax and your always tellin me i have to stay there and hold the chair so it doesnt fall down.... :P

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